Dinette “face to face”, is it the best solution for your needs?
From 23 October 2019

Dinette “face to face”, is it the best solution for your needs?

The motorcaravan is a travelling house: in the few square meters of the interiors there is the search for maximum comfort without sacrificing many of the comforts of your own home.

Customized spaces… choose the most suitable motorcaravan.

To achieve the maximum in terms of functionality for a domestic environment even if in smaller dimensions, it is necessary to equip yourself with a capacity of adaptation, recalibrate some of your habits and adapt them to the spaces of the motorcaravan.
The first step is to choose the most suitable motorcaravan, which meets the different needs such as the composition of the crew, the way in which you intend to live yuor holiday, the different personal tastes, without forgetting the occasional guests (big children, grandchildren, couple of friends), habits and preferences such as the relationship between travel and rest, lunches in motorcaravans or at the restaurant, use of the kitchen, rest in separate beds, etc

The dinette, the fulcrum for your choice.
Each interior configuration of the motorcaravan has precise prerogatives and meets the most different needs. For example, the living area. The dinette concentrates the largest number of living functions in a motorcaravan and therefore has to offer the right comfort to all the crew. During the travel it has to ensure the right number of seats, with space for all and of adequate size to be useful to all passengers, during the holiday it will always the fulcrum for meals or staying together.

The dinette “face to face”

Among the available many solutions, the trend of  recent months is the solution of a seating area consisting of two opposed longitudinal sofas “face to face” which integrates the adjacent swivel cab seats. 

Between the sofas there is space for a table that can be folded in order to have the most of the space available, the table top depending on the use, or to facilitate the passage to and from the cab.

Word of order conviviality

This version is especially dedicated to those travelling in pairs and can enjoy the contrasting sofas because they offer great conviviality and airiness: plenty of space for two people, plenty of space to accommodate friends. 
The extendable table provides up to 4 seats at the table, to which are added the two of the guide seats. A solution that also allows to sit in a chaise long using the swivel seats for a relaxing evening in front of the TV or in the company of a good book.

It turns into a journey

If you are travelling in more than two, either by habit or occasionally, the solution “face to face” offers the possibility to quickly transform the two contrasting sofas into two front-facing seats equipped with safety belts and front space to travel in comfort, up to reach a total of 4 approved seats. The table in the middle remains, open or closed, a valid point of support even when travelling.

Mobilvetta: the privilege to choose “face to face"

Among the many high-level solutions that Mobilvetta offers, the layout is offered in several layouts and in different ranges.
It’s the Krosser range that offers the most modern solutions in terms of style, materials. 

The Krosser P86 models, with twin rear beds and Krosser P90, with central bed, are stylish, modern design, rich and distinctive and ensure maximum comfort on board, thanks to the upholstered eco-leather sofas with visible stitched seams and a table, with exclusive covered aluminium leg and protected by an eco-leather band, Teak wood with folding top and adjustable size, 74x40 cm when closed and 74x80 cm when opened.

The seating areas of the Krosser range are then enriched by panoramic portholes and large side windows that ensure great brightness, LED ambient lights for evening moments and special padded panels that cover, for protection, the bottom of the sofas.

The K-Yacht Tekno Line range offers two solutions with seating “face to face”: K-Yacht Tekno Line 86, with rear twin beds, K-Yacht Tekno Line 90, with central bed. The two motorhomes, thanks to the contrasting sofas, offer a wide and bright living area. The table is really large, comfort and sitting space when travelling closed, 55x75 cm, and large surface when open, 110x75 cm. 
To make the K-Yacht Tekno Line’s ambient exclusive, the dimmer control, the LED internal brightness control.

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