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Mobilvetta has imagined every possible trip on board its motorhomes for over 50 years. Really comfortable spaces mould around the traveller for an unforgettable experience.

With Mobilvetta, comfort and excellence travel hand in hand with the best construction techniques and superior performance for innovation, living comfort, energy efficiency and autonomy.

Premium class comfort, elegant materials, fabrics, attention to detail, dedication and craftsmanship are the roads that lead to Italian-made excellence. Value over time: The privilege of reliability and excellence come along with the Mobilvetta product: 10-year warranty against infiltration, a widespread sales network and competent and expert service.



Choosing Mobilvetta today means being able to rely on a Premium brand for:
Distinctive Made in Italy design and style;
Technical innovation and performance;
Energy and Autonomy;
Premium class comfort.
Passion for quality.

A continuous journey through time, from the historical elegance of Mobilvetta’s past to the most modern, top-level technological solutions.

The road travelled through tradition is a journey that goes hand in hand with a company that always strives to be innovative, from efficient industrial processes to the modern scenario of those who always live in the moment.



With the K-Yacht Tekno Line and Kea I range of motorhomes, the low-profiles Krosser and Kea P and the Admiral van,
Mobilvetta is exploring the world of exclusivity in motorcaravans with a unique and unmistakable personality. 

The company has earned its sound reputation in the outdoor living world for being able to transform craftsmanship into design. Italian manufacturing traditions meet international trends through technologically advanced equipment and superior quality standards.



This is the story of Mobilvetta.

Mobilvetta Design started as a furniture manufacturer and began making motorhomes embodying the innovative concept of being real “travelling homes” with comfortable areas that reflect the domestic environment and the most current furnishing trends in 1970.
With design in its DNA, the brand continues to follow its identity by creating automotive-style motorhomes with a futuristic design, ultra-luxury interiors and designer finishes.

Mobilvetta joined the company Trigano, which had grown over time by merging several companies specialising in the production and marketing of recreational vehicles, in 2013. Trigano brought together the separate stories of many families capitalising on their particular expertise in Italy creating a manufacturing group that now has 5 factories in Tuscany, Umbria and Abruzzo. Diverse brands, experience and relationships with local communities are its value.