The privilege of a suit tailored for all seasons

To follow you in every destination, even in winter: high performance, perfect climate, well-being on board. 
A motorhome that follows your holiday style thanks to high level technologies, high performance materials in terms of insulation and protection from external agents.

Winter holidays in a camper are not a matter for experts, if you have the right vehicle.
Make your experience aboard Mobilvetta unique.



High performance materials and construction technologies

Fiberglass bodywork with hail protection. 
High-performance insulation in extruded plastic and fibreglass for all models and types.

Waste water tank built with insulating material of 20 mm (Kea) and equipped with antifreeze resistance (K-Yacht Teknoline, Kea, Krosser).

Banner condensa 1000x500.png

Motorcaravan: anti-condensation system.

The correct distribution of internal air favours its circulation, ensures an even temperature and prevents the accumulation of condensation. 

Permanent air ventilation through slits between wall units and wall;
Anti-condensation panels spaced away from the wall in living and sleeping areas; 
Perimeter heating in models with twin beds.

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Wrapped in warm protection

A soft border between the outside world and the inside, insulation and protection in all seasons. The walls (K-Yacht Tekno Line) and roof (K-Yacht Tekno Line, Krosser, Kea) are covered in soft-touch fabric in the rear and living areas.

Mobilvetta vacanze in camper con la famiglia

...and more...

Manual windscreen blind with privacy function: protects from external light, protects internal privacy. The intermediate position allows privacy and entry of light (K-Yacht Tekno Line, Kea I).

Combined gas heating 6000W (except Admiral).

CP plus. Boost function for rapid heating of the water and the compartment (except Admiral).


There may be many reasons to prefer summer. We
give you our reasons for winter.

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Van: high performance materials

Van panels interior lining with highly-insulating materials: polyester fibre covered with aluminium film.

Anti-condensation insulation.
A further layer of water-repellent material covers the inside of the walls in contact with the aluminium film. 

Polyester fibre non-toxic, hypoallergenic and mouldresistant. Resistant and long-lasting.Good soundproofing capabilities.
Aluminium film: a light, versatile and ductile material. Resistant to heat and sudden temperature changes. It increases the thermal insulation capacity and is a moisture barrier.

No thermal bridges.
Total coverage.
On panels - Roof - Floor - Doors

Banner inverno rivestimento van.jpg

Insulation and protection for all seasons.

Composite panel lining with soft fabric.
Microfiber roof lining.
Wall and roof lining in soft-touch fabric.

Banner grado 3 1000x500.png


Specific test carried out in climate chamber.
Grade 3 insulation achieved.
Van with panoramic roof.

winter pack.png

WINTER PACK standard feature

Insulated tanks for grey water.
With anti-icing probe.