The privilege of being able to shine in your own light

Perfect lighting can transform and shape and form the soul of spaces.
This is why the Mobilvetta study centre pays attention to the design of correct interior lighting as an essential element of living comfort.

Banner giorno notte 1000x500.png

Lighting a motorhome well is just as important as choosing the right furniture. The light allows you to fully enjoy the spaces, to create an atmosphere and to carry out even in the evening your favourite activities, such as reading a good book, cooking, finding yourself around a table.

The result is an interior lighting with a unique character and rich in style, able to furnish, as well as to give light: an innovative, distinctive and personal sign of your Mobilvetta motorhome.

//    Correct balance between natural light from the outside and artificial light inside.
//    Specific solutions for each environment of the motorhome depending on the activity that takes place there.


Mobilvetta illuminazione fari a led zona notte

LED spotlights in the sleeping area to read a book without disturbing fellow travellers.

Mobilvetta camper letto matrimoniale centrale

Courtesy marker lights on the floor for orientation if you move in the motorhome at night.

Mobilvetta camper zona giorno dinette confort a bordo

Indirect lighting, light frames and LED strips for pleasant and uniform atmospheres.

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Complete LED lighting: eco-sustainable, low environmental impact and future-proof.
Because current trends are increasingly looking for energy savings, lighting efficiency, long service life and greater range.