Double FLOOR,
double STORAGE.

The double technical flooring of the KROSSER consists of a lower floor (38 mm thick), resting on the chassis, and an upper floor (20 mm thick), resting on a steel counterframe.

//     Higher structural resistance.
//     Improved thermal and sound insulation.
//     Increased storage capacity.

doppio pavimento cerchio render 2.jpg



Front through storage 550 litres, with internal height of 19 cm.
Storage compartment access from the step 35 litres.
Storage compartment floor hatch 105 litres, with spring hinges.
Internal height 50 cm.


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Lower floor thickness 38 mm: greater thermal insulation from the outside and greater protection against noise from the underside of the vehicle.
Thickness of upper floor 20

Possibility of greater storage because thanks to the double technical flooring it is possible to obtain functional hatches for objects and bottles both at the front and at the rear of the vehicle.

Access from inside the vehicle via hatches to the drain cocks and fresh water tank.

Outside there are maxi-garages with opening bands.
Access to the double floor for storage on both sides of the vehicle thanks to large and practical hatches.

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Entrance step made of sandwich panels to ensure greater continuity of insulation from the cold coming from the lower part of the vehicle.

Insulated and heated fresh and grey water tanks located in the double floor above the rear axle.