K-Yacht Tekno Line exteriors
Mobilvetta K-Yacht Tekno Line vacanze in motorhome

Perfect driving dynamics and excellent ride comfort. The use of high-strength steel, the “C” structure and the perfect connection between drive unit and chassis guarantee stability.

Maximum visibility.

The front of the motorhome models displays as a single piece in fiberglass. At the top, the fiberglass extends to protect part of the roof and incorporates a rooflight 40x40 cm in correspondence with the drop down bed inside.
The use of fiberglass ensures greater strength and duration.

Downward mirrors in coach style, for motorhomes, well integrated in the general aesthetics and well positioned for a wide and free field of view.

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The A pillars feature a reduced thickness to facilitate driver visibility and control over the overall dimensions and movements of the motorhome.
The side windows, which are wide and flush-fitted, provide better visibility towards the outside, so as not to create turbulence or noise during the journey, even at higher speeds.

The upper roof cover descends "like a shell" to connect directly to the walls for a more fluid and streamlined appearance, as well as greater coverage and insulation.

Mobilvetta Backstage - 139.jpg

Rear terminal in ABS, anthracite grey, which incorporates the modern vertical LED light clusters with dynamic direction indicators. It is not only a matter of style, being clearly visible is also an advantage for your safety.

Arrow with dynamic system.

Anthracite-coloured ABS strips for a dynamic style that does not go unnoticed.


The privilege of high performance in terms of 
space, volumes, insulation.

The AL-KO lowered chassis is ideal for creating a double flooring for lots of stowage space
and for the use of rear garages and following loading.
But not only that!
It increases the space inside with advantages also in terms of living space.

K-Yacht-Teknoline 031.jpg


which exploits the space created between the two floors. Internal height: 19 cm.
Access from outside via opening hatches on both sides of the motorhome.