Privileges Mobilvetta

A holiday with Mobilvetta is an unforgettable experience: a great way of travelling that will give you unique moments with those you love aboard exclusive motorhomes featured by excellence in aesthetics and functionality, taste and substance, luxury and distinction.

An unique privilege.

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The promisses Mobilvetta

Your LUXURY EXPERIENCE: reach very special places together with the people you care most about. Enjoy unique moments aboard exclusive motorhomes for aesthetic excellence as well as functionality. A sensory journey as well as real.

ITALIAN STYLE, unique and personal design: precious materials, search for beauty combined with usefulness, exclusive style with international taste, appreciated throughout Europe. A sensory journey as well as real. Make yourself recognisable.

INNOVATION and TECHNOLOGY: wealth of high level solutions, know-how, continuous research, control over the entire production chain from design to construction. Concrete lifestyle towards new horizons.

INTERPRETER FOR OUR TIME: a product with roots and a history that knows how to adapt to its time. It renews its offer and innovates its product range while maintaining its value over time.

VALUE OVER TIME: The privilege of reliability and excellence come along with the Mobilvetta product: 10-year warranty against infiltration, a widespread sales network, a competent and expert service. In safe hands.

Discover the 10 Mobilvetta privileges.