The privilege of experience.

From a long tradition a design that knows how to interpret its time.
It is from the competence of the Mobilvetta Study Centre that vehicles are born that evolve together with the world around them: high-performance materials, construction technologies and innovative production processes. 

Discover the external structure of Mobilvetta motorcaravans and vans.

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Motorcaravan Mobilvetta: the privilege of experience


// Walls

SSupporting frame in thermosetting composite resin with high resistance;
External wall in fiberglass;
Internal wall in fiberglass;
The inside of the walls is made of extruded material with a high thermal insulation coefficient;
Total and uniform coverage of the walls: no thermal bridges in favour of constant internal temperatures.
The bodies of Mobilvetta motorhomes are made in specialised production departments using a high-precision industrial process, which ensures a continuous quality standard, of the highest level. 

Mobilvetta K-Yacht Tekno Line Doppio pavimento AL-KO ribassato

// Floor K-Yacht Tekno Line

Lowered AL-KO double flooring.
Upper floor with multilayer covers and extruded insulation material inside. Internally coupled with highly wear-resistant anti-slip PVC;
Thickness 20 mm.
Lower floor with fiberglass external cover for greater protection from chip stones during travel, salt on the streets, moisture. Interior made of extruded insulating material.
Upper cover in fibreglass.
Thickness 38 mm.


// Floor Krosser and Kea

Supporting frame in high-resistant thermosetting composite resin: lighter, more mechanically resistant;
Fiberglass lower cover for greater protection from chip stones during travel, salt on the streets, moisture, wear;
Upper cover in fiberglass coupled with non-slip PVC, highly resistant to wear;
Interior of the floor made of extruded insulating material. 

Mobilvetta furgone camperizzato van Admiral

Van Mobilvetta: Insulation and protection for all seasons

We give you our reasons for preferring winter. 

//  Insulation and waterproofing

//  Thermal insulation grade 3

//  Soundproofing

//  Duration


// Van panels interior

Van panels interior lining with highly-insulating materials: polyester fibre covered with aluminium film.

Anti-condensation insulation.
A further layer of water-repellent material covers the inside of the walls in contact with the aluminium film.

No thermal bridges.
Total coverage.
On panels


// Interior van panels

Polyester fibre non-toxic, hypoallergenic and mouldresistant. Resistant and long-lasting. Good soundproofing capabilities.

Aluminium film: a light, versatile and ductile material. Resistant to heat and sudden temperature changes. It increases the thermal insulation capacity and is a moisture barrier.


// Floor Admiral

Floor covered in thicker PVC.

Covering the roll noise of the road.
Covering the footfall noise.
Floor with double thickness!
The flooring consists of a polystyrene sheet, a multilayer, a PVC coating.