The privilege of being plenty of space for your destinations

Don't give up your habits, go on holiday taking everything and more with you.
This is the freedom a Mobilvetta motorhome gives you.
Mobilvetta has designed every one of its garages to perfection.

The structure:

Fibreglass lower cover to protect against chip stones, external humidity and salt in the streets.
Internal insulation in extruded polystyrene, 30 mm, with structural strips for greater rigidity and tightness.
Upper fibreglass cover for greater heat insulation and mechanical resistance.
Linoleum flooring for wear surface protection and easier maintenance.

Always accessible, even at night you will find what you are looking for thanks to the internal light.
Easy to load: maxi-garage with load platform, flush with no step.

Door with piston for easier opening (except Krosser, Kea P and I). Doors that open to 150 degrees: extremely simple access to loads.

Storage door locks have a double lock for added security.

The garage doors are protected on top with rain and splash-proof gaskets that prevent moisture from entering or, in case of very low temperatures, the door does not freeze and ensures opening.

The garages have sliding rings that make it easier to attach objects to the inner wall.

Suitable for winter holidays: garage heated by air vents.

The centre bed models in the K-Yacht Teknodesign and K-Yacht Teknoline ranges offer an electrically operated variable volume garage system.

300 kg
High load capacity: up to 300 kg of dynamically tested load.
(Maximum technically loadable weight that affects the approved seats or the remaining total payload).