K-Yacht Tekno Line: the kitchen that multiplies your space.
From 30 September 2022

K-Yacht Tekno Line: the kitchen that multiplies your space.

K-Yacht Tekno Line, motorhome, the spearhead of the Tuscany house.
Protagonist of the 2022 season which saw its launch on the market, the Mobilvetta motorhome confirms itself as Mobilvetta's most iconic model for 2023 and stands out for its design, technique, range and technology.

The range offers 3 layouts, model 64, 6.99 m long central bed and bathroom in a single variable volume environment, model 86, with twin beds and large face à face dinette, model 90 with central bed, 7.50 m and a lot space for a crew of 4. In all three models, Mobilvetta favors volumes and multifunctional relaxation environments for day and night. The interiors are particularly bright and airy, in an unmistakable Mobilvetta contemporary “yacht” design.

When a motorhome is top class, everything is designed to live it to the fullest.

The K-Yacht Tekno Line kitchen is an adaptable multifunctional space: surfaces that multiply, worktops that expand, even with burners in use. Complete and full of accessories such as the practical integrated storage trays.

All this in an elegant ambience, with high-quality materials and solutions such as the hard-wearing acrylic stone top moulded and and the hob “resting” on the three-burner hob equipped with piezo electric ignition that is easy to use and spaced apart from each other.

In less than one metre, ergonomics and practicality of use.

On the side of the living room, the kitchen block has an inverted L shape so as to create a large movement space towards the entrance and the dinette.

The kitchen unit is made up of a wall unit, two drawers and a removable basket, as well as a large additional compartment on the opposite wall where the 145-liter refrigerator with separate freezer compartment and the automatic energy source selector are also located.

Large space therefore, with suitable storage capacity, light and air. Correct ventilation is in fact ensured by a window and, in the corridor, by a 40x40 cm porthole equipped with a fan

Password: transformability

Discover the modularity of the K-Yacht Tekno Line kitchen through this video.
Then continue your reading for every detail.

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The sink cover that multiplies your space.


All surface: the sink cover protects the sink and offers a truly remarkable workspace.
Large basin: A “wide” sink to use, a “supporting” countertop.
Small basin: A “supporting” sink, a “wide” countertop.
All sink! An extra capacity sink for kitchen activities.

The chopping board that multiplies the surface area!

For short breaks onboard the motorhome :  cook with just one burner and use the side countertop.
Two convenient burners : for the daily preparation of your meals. 
For the chef in the motorhome...three burners are on hand. And an additional countertop. With lots of extra surface. Quick extension of the top thanks to the handy retractable bracket.

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