Finally, autumn arrives!
From 03 October 2022

Finally, autumn arrives!

Summer is over, the hours of daylight are reduced and the temperatures stiffen.
Welcome autumn, the season that arouses mixed emotions. There are those who get excited by the beauty of the new colors that nature presents to us and there are those who let themselves go to melancholy for the months that have just passed and the "frost" of those to come.

The weather will still be mild for a few more weeks, but the pace has already changed.

While in nature everything slows down, we increase our activities: schools have started again, we start with work, we are active to face new commitments and deadlines.
All this stress, together with the physiological changes that the body faces in autumn, are a reality to deal with: sleepiness, fatigue, irritability, little "desire".

A motorcaravan: an opportunity for "rebirth"

How can we live the arrival of the autumn season in a serene way? Our body needs to find balance and get used to it, reborn, just like nature.
So "go" to healthy habits: walks, good nutrition, rest in the necessary hours.


When the lower temperatures push you towards the nest, with the desire to make it more and more welcoming, then it's time to imagine a new destination on a motorcaravan.
Why not enjoy new splendid autumn destinations to rediscover your biorhythms, immersed in the nature of lakes or mountains or discovering villages and cities of art.

Warm sun, wind, cold or rain, the Mobilvetta camper is there waiting for you.

At the end of each day, after each new discovery, your motorcarvan is ready to welcome you.
A Mobilvetta is the perfect companion all year round, even in autumn!
How nice it is to relax indoors in a warm and intimate nest.

In front of a lake, after a walk sheltered from the wind, returning from deserted cliffs, your Mobilvetta will welcome you to give you the warmth of unique moments:

the pleasant internal temperature, thanks to 6 KW heating,
the low consumption,
the warmth of the walls or roof covered in soft fabric that protects
and the comfort of sofas and chaise longues.

Put heavy shoes in the internal hatches and jackets in the spacious wardrobes and live your Mobilvetta intensely:

a hot shower in a toilet like in a SPA,
a glass of wine,
a good dinner for two or with the family,
a nice music from the audio speakers or your favorite movie on the maxi smart TV downloadable thanks to the exclusive wi-fi connection of the Media Pack.

 Autumn - the reason for using the camper as often as possible

Autumn - the reason for using the camper as often as possible

And if the weather outside is not quite as we expected it is time to dedicate ourselves to our most intimate and reflective dimension.

What happens outside remains there, thanks to a tested grade 3 insulation, long-lasting autonomy, to maxi tanks built in insulating materials (Kea) or equipped with anti-freeze resistance (K-Yacht Tekno Line and Krosser), to a correct internal air distribution that favors uniform temperatures and prevents the formation of condensation.

Get on board of Mobilvetta, and you will rediscover an autumn of incredible charm!

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