Summer holiday in the mountains in a motorcaravan
From 27 February 2023

Summer holiday in the mountains in a motorcaravan


At high altitude with Mobilvetta

Winter is over, the days are getting longer and you start to think about the next destinations.
It’s finally time to plan your summer vacation. Among the many ideas, why not consider exploring the beautiful Italian mountains!

A mountain vacation in a motorcaravan can be an incredibly exciting and rewarding experience. There are so many natural wonders to explore, such as lakes, forests, waterfalls and multiple breathtaking views to enjoy. A motorcaravan holiday allows you to be in direct contact with nature, to have the freedom to choose your own routes and to travel completely independently.

Here are some useful tips to prepare your mountain trip by motorcaravan.

Plan your own itinerary.

Before leaving, decide where you want to go and which places to visit.
Make a list of all the attractions that suit your tastes and plan your itinerary accordingly.
Even if the motorcaravan will allow you to change destination, book the parking areas, given the high turnout even in the summer.

Respect nature and the rules of the campsite.

Make sure to know the camping rules of the areas you want to visit.
Some campsites may require advance reservations, while others may not allow the use of generators or open fires.
When you find yourself in the mountains, it is important to respect nature and to leave the campsite and the surrounding area clean and intact.
Do not leave waste or debris, respect the local fauna and flora and respect the rules of parks and nature reserves.

Prepare your motorcaravan for the journey

Maintenance during the run-up to your holiday is crucial. Make sure your motorcaravan is in good working condition.
Check oil, diesel and water levels. Make any required repairs or replacements. 

Check the correct functioning of the electrical system and of the various utilities, such as the water and gas system taps.
Check the status of the gas cylinder and if you need to replace it, remember that at each change, a new gasket must be fitted.

It is important to check the tyre pressure to improve driveability and road holding, reducing braking distances and increasing tyre life.
While traveling in your motorcaravan it is also important to keep a power reserve of electricity to be available during the stops, for this Mobilvetta has thought of the Energy Pack.

Bring the necessary in the garage.

Make sure you have everything you need for your trip, such as food, water, weather-appropriate clothing, maps and camping equipment.
The weather can change quickly in the mountains, so make sure you are prepared for any eventuality.

Stowing the garage in a workmanlike manner will also be functional for a correct distribution of weights.

Arranging all the load near the right tailgate definitely facilitates stowage, but at the same time if the weight is not counterbalanced even on the left side,
the dynamic weight distribution on the individual rear tyres could be impaired.

Therefore, it is a good practice to remember to distribute the load evenly on both sides of the garage.
Remember that with Mobilvetta you will have space available for any destination.

The mountain vacation is suitable for both couples who want to try their hand at walking for miles and for family with children who are searching for some relax and leisure.

There is no ideal range for this type of holiday, it all depends on the crew: the van Admiral will suit the couple looking for a more dynamic holiday, while the low-profile Kea P will be more suitable for a family vacation.

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