Italian Style: Mobilvetta, product selected by the ADI
From 18 December 2019

Italian Style: Mobilvetta, product selected by the ADI


Who chooses Mobilvetta, chooses an Italian motorhome full of tradition, continuous research at a high level, exclusive style with an international taste, appreciated all over Europe.


Mobilvetta: style and (ADI) design


Style, know-how, innovation, elegance, unmistakable lines, precious materials: these are the values that Mobilvetta has made its own through generations of semi-motorhome, overcab and motorhomes that are recognised as some of the most prestigious motorhomes on the European scene.

The K-Yacht Tekno Design range is clear proof of this, in name and in fact. Recommended to the market in the new look in 2017, Tekno Design motorhomes offer unparalleled technical content and style.


It is no coincidence then that Mobilvetta, as the first Italian manufacturer of motorhomes, was nominated in 2018 for the prestigious ADI Design Index in the Mobility Design section for its K-Yacht Tekno Design model.


The ADI Design Index is the annual publication of ADI, Association for Industrial Design, which collects the best Italian design put into production in a specific year. It shows the best Italian designs in production every year and for the first time Mobilvetta was nominated in 2018. Other brands nominated in the same category include award-winning names as Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Ducati, Maserati and Vespa.


A recognition that is worth the nomination for the Compasso d'Oro Award.


With this award, Mobilvetta K-Yacht Tekno Design is among the best Italian design products selected to participate in the prestigious "Compasso d'Oro 2020" Award. An award that a special panel assigns to the most deserving of all the products selected by ADI Design in the previous two years.


The result is more valuable if you consider that it is the first time in the history of the Compasso d'Oro that a motorhome is selected among the design products. And this motorhome is Mobilvetta K-Yacht Tekno Design.



Mobilvetta Tekno Design: design in the interior shapes

Interiors with a new and unmistakable style, devoted to the elegance of pure Made in Italy design.

A pleasant set of forms joined together under the emblem of the "V" badge of the Mobilvetta logo, which create a continuous interior decoration between the sections of the motorhome, creating the so-called V-Concept.


The nautical-inspired false ceiling combines roof, porthole and wall units in a continuous line.

The curved kitchen top extends to design the backrest and seat of the dinette.

The ergonomic home style sofa, has shaped armrests, combined with a folding table with a moveable and rotating top.

Backlit wall unit doors with aluminium and methacrylate frame.


Mobilvetta Tekno Design: design in the materials

Precious materials are at the heart of the Mobilvetta style, such as the "light stone" - the acrylic stone used for the curved tops of the kitchen and bathroom.

Easily treatable and cleanable, the light stone allows for soft lines, integrated sink and surfaces that are pleasant to the touch, with a truly exclusive appeal.


In addition to the top, there is also the kitchen unit that certainly does not go unnoticed, thanks to the adoption of a special rectangular burner hob completely in aluminium, fitted type and the sink perfectly hollowed out in the top with aluminium taps that fits well into the curved upper part.


Mobilvetta Tekno Design: the design of atmospheres

A lighting that decorates, as well as giving light. Because lighting a motorhome well is just as important as choosing the right furniture. The light allows you to fully enjoy the spaces, to create an atmosphere and to carry out your favourite activities, such as reading a good book, cooking, finding yourself around a table - even in the evening.


Correct lighting can transform rooms and become an essential element of living comfort.


Innovative also the new lighting system adopted, always completely through LEDs, which can be controlled through a special touch control panel positioned on the side of the dinette seat, from which it is possible to control the LED light, which can be customised with a range of different interior lighting "scenarios".


The Mobilvetta K-Yacht Tekno Design range.


The K-Yacht Tekno Design range offers three different fittings, all 7.40 m long with four type-approved seats and four beds.


K-Yacht Tekno Design 89 with central double bed;

K-Yacht Tekno Design 85 with twin beds

K-Yacht Tekno Design 79 with rear central nautical-inspired bed and transverse bathroom.


Make yourself recognisable with Mobilvetta.


The first and only motorhome to be recognised as an excellence of Italian Design.

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