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Mobilvetta wins the motorhome Design Award 2020

On Friday 21 February, the winners of the 21st edition of the Motorhome and Campervan Design Awards were announced: a prize awarded to the best products of the season, divided by categories, by the specialized panel of the Caravan & Motorhome Club, composed of journalists, bloggers, event managers and technicians of the club as well as volunteer motorhome owners.  


The prize is organized by the Caravan and Motorhome Club, an organisation that brings together all owners of motorhomes and caravans in the United Kingdom and Ireland, founded in 1907 and now representing around 750,000 people.


17 categories, up to 8 pre-selected vehicles. Mobilvetta is present in the overcab motorhome category with the Kea P65 and in the motorhome category with the K-Yacht Tekno Line 79.


Mobilvetta K-Yacht Tekno Line 79 wins!

In the motorhome category under £ 90,000 it is the Mobilvetta K-Yacht Tekno Line 79 that wins the first prize as best motorhome in its category: benchmark in the Premium motorhome range.


The K-Yacht Tekno Line 79 was evaluated by the panel according to numerous criteria, including interior comfort (kitchen and toilet in particular), ventilation and heating systems, stowage, more technical aspects such as electrical and safety systems, driving comfort, visibility, travel safety and ergonomics.


K-Yacht Tekno Line 79: luxury appeal combined with warranty.

The K-Yacht Tekno Line 79 is a high level motorhome, beautiful in shape, with a prestigious luxury appeal but also extremely substantial: in addition to the charm of the shapes it offers a lot of content, technology, high quality materials, top technical and structural solutions, first class standard equipment, a product with deep roots and history.


Generous in size, the K-Yacht Tekno Line 79 offers a layout dedicated to the couple who find a real five-star suite in the back room with a central peninsula bed.

Privacy and confidentiality are guaranteed by the sliding doors that separate the rooms and by the maximum functionality of the toilet independent of the shower area, which is equipped with a folding methacrylate door and wooden platform that does not hinder the double drain of the shower tray.

The dinette offers spaciousness, brightness and rich and well-finished cushions combined with elegant Roman blinds.

The living area wall units are large and spacious, ventilated, thanks to specific slits, and with practical internal shelves. Exclusive, for the forward-facing seats, the height-adjustable headrests.

 The living area is completed by prestigious equipment such as the dinette speakers for sound diffusion, the multifunction touch screen control unit and the dimmer for brightness adjustment.


K-Yacht Tekno Line 79: luxury appeal combined with warranty.

An important contribution to the victory, fundamental when making the choice, the 10-year guarantee that the K-Yacht Tekno Line range offers against infiltration thanks to the 10 Years Body Integrity program: a privilege of quality, reliability and excellence that accompanies the Mobilvetta product

Congrats Mobilvetta K-Yacht Tekno Line 79!

"The data and reviews we get from this award" says Grenville Chamberlain, president of the Caravan & Motorhome Club, "represent an invaluable base of useful information for all customers who are going to buy a new motorhome: these are evaluations by insiders and motorhome owners who can advise on the best choice among the alternatives on the market". And concludes with "Congrats to all the winners".



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