Everything is about feeling good in the van.

Rounded interiors and rounded table edges with a precious chrome leg.
Table with folding top and extension for maximum comfort when travelling or standing. Removable, engages on the outside, too.
Automotive-style contoured seats with adjustable head rests.
USB sockets for device charging within easy reach.

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The dinette

Mobilvetta Motorhome tetto panoramico e oblò


Gloss laminate doors in continuity with the wall units merge the cab and the open space and give uniformity to a room surrounded by highquality insulating soft-touch walls.
Admiral is synonymous with sophisticated elegance, beauty and distinctive details. 
Like the exclusive ceiling panel upholstered in eco-leather. 
Cleverly integrated into the ceiling environment, it incorporates the panoramic roof and portlight into a harmonious continuity. Enhanced with LED lights for the right atmosphere, front storage pockets, blind and flyscreen.

Gloss laminate doors in continuity with the wall units merge the cab and the open space and give uniformity to a room surrounded by highquality insulating soft-touch walls.

Admiral is a design that has turned the combination of aesthetics and utility into an art, in every environment.
Inside, each object has an ideal destination. 
The double flooring provides space for a hatch and a pull-out drawer. 
The sofa has a storage compartment on the side and a double bottom inside, under the seat cushions.

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A holiday in a van has the taste of freedom and the warmth of staying together. 
The wall units in the living area are spacious and equipped with interior lighting that is automatically activated when the door is opened.
To better share the space with your loved ones.

The kitchen

Una capacità che unisce cultura e conoscenza. Un’idea di progettazione esclusiva. Un’arte che nella cucina Admiral si esprime attraverso sistemi dal design eccellente con l’obiettivo di rendere più semplici i flussi di lavoro e mettere al centro le persone e le loro esigenze.

Mobilvetta van Admiral Die Küche


The worktop, made of high-quality acrylic stone, is shaped in a continuous surface and includes the steel burner block and the integrated retractable sink also made of acrylic stone.

If necessary, the worktop can be moved to reveal the sink underneath, providing a large surface area.
The kitchen is completed by a spacious, removable side fitted basket with stainless steel shelves and bottle holder, accessible from inside or outside the van.

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The secret of any kitchen is organisation, the perfect interplay between elements that enhances their usefulness and improves the overall experience.

Because all is easier when everything is at hand, thanks to a variety of specific equipment.



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The expansion tank eliminates the intermittent functioning of pumps with pressure switch and supplies a constant flow of water as requested.
It therefore reduces the overall water consumption.
Long life for the pump and the boiler, along with a more efficient functioning
The internal membrane absorbs hammering and ensures a smooth flow of water.


Camper Mobilvetta Admiral La cocina

Because all is easier when everything is at hand, thanks to a variety of specific equipment. 
A kitchen with beautiful and effective shapes: rigour, simplicity and design all in one.
Mobilvetta interprets Admiral interiors as a total experience and offers the right mix of space and functionality. 

Mobilvetta_Van_5.1 020.jpg

The wall unit is spacious and equipped with an internal shelf. The bottom surface is HPL laminate, which is strong, durable and antibacterial. 

Practical LEDs on the lower exterior of the wall unit illuminate the worktop.

Mobilvetta_Van_6.3 031a.jpg

There are three large front baskets completely pull out and with automatic closure, deep and stable thanks to their 14-mm thickness. 
The baskets are equipped with automatic closure and locking while ravelling, metal sides, cutlery internal drawer. 
A stainless steel spice rack and a 84-litre compressor refrigerator complete the equipment.

Don't just call it a bathroom.


An environment for relaxation and self-care where the harmony of shapes and materials provide elegance to spaces that can be personalised. Versatile, spacious, high-quality: the Admiral toilet is a main player.

The washbasin is large, cast in anti-bacterial acrylic stone, with click clack drain.
The shower mixer sits on a slide rail and is separated for easy operation as required.

Lots of space!


Mobilvetta_Van_6.5 026.jpg



One touch is all it takes to interact and modulate the environment to suit your needs. 
Toilet only: ergonomics for your daily well-being with plenty of free space and legroom. 
Shower only, XL space up to 90 cm transverse, with lowered shower tray and wooden footboard. 
The Admiral’s toilet area is one of the largest in its class.

Sleeping area

Extraordinary sleeping experience


The sleeping area is the most intimate and personal place, perfect for relaxing as well as resting.  That is why this room is to be furnished paying special attention to detail and creating an atmosphere that reflects the user in every nuance.

Designed for regenerating rest: memory foam mattresses with 3d System bed bases, antibacterial fabric, insulating soft touch wall and roof lining. Padded window trim with ambient LEDs.

Mobilvetta_Van_6.5 049.jpg

Mobilvetta_Van_5.1 059.jpg

Large wall units with reinforced bottom structure on three rear sides.
Maxi stowage that also makes use of the junction corners.

Mobilvetta_Van_6.3 044.jpg

Feeling of exclusivity and well-being dedicated to your intimacy: proper air circulation through a double window (K 6.5 model) and roof portlight, extra heater and insulation, bed insulated from stowage by a marine plywood panel.

Solutions for everyday living that suggest a new concept of comfort and relaxation. 
Radio speakers located under the rear wall units, storage compartments, and recesses in the rear uprights for smartphones, glasses.

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Rear stowage.
Tthe rediscovered order.


Rational solutions that become precious spaces in which to store the necessities and more for total daily comfort, all... at your fingertips.
Three different solutions for organising the rear area of your van. The interior space is optimized to the maximum to store all the necessary equipment. 

Choose the one that best suits your needs for practicality, space or securing your luggage.

Mobilvetta_Van_5.1 109.jpg


Rear transverse double bed with lift-up bed base for storing larger luggage such as bicycles or scooters.
Floor on a single level.

Mobilvetta_Van_6.3 133.jpg


Twin beds that can be raised provide extralarge stowage space. The double flooring is removable for modular storage volume. An additional storage kit is available: three removable cabinets that can be assembled and disassembled as required.

Mobilvetta_Van_6.5 073.jpg


Elevating bed with electric movement on belts. With the bed lowered you have a 75-cm high garage, while with the bed fully elevated you get a 130-cm high compartment. It is still possible to adjust the bed to any desired height, to sleep while retaining space for the equipment underneath, to transport any kind of luggage or equipment without removing the bed each time. The sheet metal cover with a non-slip surface protects the floor and the supplied ramp facilitates loading. In Admiral K 6.5, electric socket and external shower outlet in rear garage supplied as standard.

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Admiral is offered with a 10-year warranty against infiltration.